Norditropin 30iu 10mg

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General information:
Raw Material: Somatropin
Manufacturer: NOVONORDISK TR
Package: 30 IU (10MG)

Product details
Use: High Quality Muscle Gain, Fat Burning, Anti-Aging


Beginners: not recommended

Hobby: 2 – 6 IU/day

Pro: 8 – 32 IU/day

Women: not recommended

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What you need to know before you use Norditropin 30iu?

Do not use Norditropin 30iu;

  • If you are allergic to somatropin, to phenol, or to any of the other ingredients of this medicine (listed in section 6)
  • If you have had a kidney transplant
  • If you have an active tumour (cancer). Tumours must be inactive and you must have finished your antitumour treatment before you start your treatment with Norditropin NordiFlex
  • If you have an acute critical illness e.g. open heart surgery, abdominal surgery, multiple accidental trauma or acute respiratory failure
  • If you have stopped growing (closed epiphyses) and you do not have growth hormone deficiency.

Warnings and precautions

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before using Norditropin 30iu NordiFlex

  • If you have diabetes
  • If you have ever had a cancer or another kind of tumour
  • If you have recurrent headaches, eyesight problems, nausea or if vomiting occurs
  • If you have abnormal thyroid function
  • An increase in sideways curvature of the spine (scoliosis) may progress in any child during rapid growth. During treatment with Norditropin NordiFlex, your doctor will check you (or your child) for signs of scoliosis
  • If you walk with a limp or if you start to limp during your growth hormone treatment, you should inform your doctor
  • If you are over 60 years of age, or have received somatropin treatment as an adult for more than 5 years, as experience is limited
  • If you suffer from kidney disease, as your kidney function should be monitored by your physician
  • If you have a replacement therapy with glucocorticoids, you should consult your doctor regularly, as you may need adjustment of your glucocorticoid dose.

Other medicines and Norditropin NordiFlex

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are using, have recently used or might use any other medicines.

In particular, inform your doctor if you are taking or have recently taken any of the following medicines. Your doctor may need to adjust the dose of Norditropin NordiFlex or of the other medicines:

  • Glucocorticoids – your adult height may be affected if you use Norditropin NordiFlex and glucocorticoids at the same time
  • Cyclosporine (immunosuppressive) – as your dose may need to be adjusted
  • Insulin – as your dose may need to be adjusted
  • Thyroid hormone – as your dose may need to be adjusted
  • Gonadotropin (gonad stimulating hormone) – as your dose may need to be adjusted
  • Anticonvulsants – as your dose may need to be adjusted
  • Oestrogen taken orally or other sex hormones.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding

Somatropin containing products are not recommended in women of childbearing potential not using contraception.

  • Pregnancy – Stop the treatment and tell your doctor if you become pregnant while you are using Norditropin NordiFlex
  • Breast-feeding – Do not use Norditropin NordiFlex while you are breast-feeding because somatropin might pass into your milk.

Driving and using machines

Norditropin NordiFlex does not affect the use of any machines or the ability to drive safely.